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The story behind tied.io ...

There was a time where Shorturl services appeared to be a central part of the Internet. Especially social platforms like Twitter and the hard limit on characters gave shortlinks the popularity they had back then. However this faded when Twitter & co changed the way they count URL characters and shorturls lost in popularity.

The face of Shorturls further changed when the majority was used by Spammers, and even used to distribute Malware and other mailicous stuff. There still were hundreds of shorturl services, however most missed to go with the time and increase their protection while adding new features the new target users expected to have.

Today Shorturls are coming back more and more. You find them in printed media, used by professional marketers, used for detailed tracking, used for GEO restrictions and a lot more. A shorturl is less relevant to be short these days, most use cases are based on the backend these shorturls provide. In fact URL cloaking is usually a more fitting name for todays general use case.

However most services are still stuck somewhere between now and then. This is where tied.io fits in. We built this service from the ground, building around the modern use cases instead of just adding them onto a rusty service. We've learned from years of experience the other services had and build something we believe perfectly reflects what a modern Shorturl service really is.

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