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It did not take too long until the nerds behind the early internet realized that you could use country TLDs to create full words. Examples from the early 90s include or Only in 2004 the term "Domain Hacks" was coined by Matthew Doucette to mean "an unconventional domain name that uses parts other than the SLD (second level domain) or third level domain to create the title of the domain name."

With more TLDs coming more possible domain hacks got discovered and registered. For example .ME enabled a huge varity of funny or strange domains due to already being a word. Meanwhile many sites started using domain hacks for one reason or another (usually for shorted shareable domains). And even governments joined. Bern, the capital of Switzerland is using .BE (the TLD of Belgia) for parts of their official domain structure.

But this did not stop there. When emojis got more widespread someone realized that you could register Punycode domains with Emojis! And the first Emoji domain: 💩.la ( was officially registered. It was not actually the first tho ☮️.com, ♨️.com, ♨️.net, ☃️.com were all registered at least 10 years earlier. As of today there are at least 25'000 Emoji Domains only with the .WS TLD! Read more about Emoji Domains »

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