Smart Click Analytics Learn all about your target audience.

Audience Tracking, done right

We combined the best algorithms with custom detection software to learn more about your traffic.
Not only do we detect returning visitors, but a whole bunch of interesting information

  • Maxmind GEO Tracking
    GEO IP data from the best available source with the highest accuracy in the industry.
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  • Advanced Device Detection
    We detect OS, Browser, Mobile Phones, Consoles and even your Smart Microwave.
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  • Smart Bot Detection
    Next to a huge list of common bots we also developed a custom smart bot detection.
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  • Detect Proxies, VPNs & more
    We created a custom detection system for Tor, VPN, Proxies & Datacenter IPs. Growing every day
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How it looks like

Showing some visual aspects of the visitor detection & more

Realtime Updates

All clicks are processed and displayed back to your dashboard in realtime

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Export & API

Take your visitor statistics everywhere. Export to CSV, JSON or use our API

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Audience Reports

Get Audience & Trend Reports to your Email, Slack, Discord & Telegram

Randomly Generated Example Visitors
Switzerland flag Lausanne, Switzerland Robot (Yandex)
United States flag Washington, United States Chrome 72.57 Windows 7 Desktop
Switzerland flag Bern, Switzerland Chrome 78.55 Windows Desktop
Russia flag Omsk, Russia Firefox 14.11 Windows 7 Desktop
Proxy Russia flag Omsk, Russia PlayStation PlayStation Vita
United Kingdom flag Liverpool, United Kingdom Android 6.0 HTC One M9
Switzerland flag Lausanne, Switzerland Firefox 14.74 Windows Desktop
Spain flag Barcelona, Spain Firefox 14.27 Gnu/Linux Desktop
Proxy United States flag Austin, United States Firefox 12.26 Windows Desktop
Brazil flag São Paulo, Brazil Firefox 12.52 Windows 7 Desktop
North Korea flag Pyongyang, North Korea Firefox 14.81 Windows 10 Desktop
Brazil flag Salvador, Brazil Chrome 63.9 Windows 10 Desktop
Japan flag Tokyo, Japan Robot (GoogleBot)
India flag Mumbai, India Robot ([email protected])
Proxy Brazil flag Porto Alegre, Brazil Chrome 60.40 Gnu/Linux Desktop
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Google Analytics Integration

Plug In your Google Analytics Properties to your Account or even Individual Domains. Log all related clicks directly into your Google Analytics Dashboard.

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