Made in Switzerland

Last updated: 6 months ago

In a digital world we usually do not care where our products & services come from. However with growing privacy issues and weird data protection laws Made in Switzerland gets a new meaning.

Not only do we comply with the GDPR (the new European Data Protection Laws) but we also take data protection very seriously on our own. Our servers, hosted in the Netherlands, are protected with several protection mechanism against external threats. The web application gets audited for security issues regularly, automated checks are in place as well.

All our data also falls under the Swiss Data Protection Act. Which gives us additional room to check or even say no to unfair government data requests. We do not allow you to use for illegal activities, however we believe in free speech and won’t simply give in to requests that go against our principle.

Switzerland, mostly known for Cheese & Watches, is also known for its High Quality products and services and we hope this is something you feel about as well.

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