Let's Encrypt

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In 2015 Let’s Encrypt launched a Service to make the Internet a better (and especially saver) place. By issuing free certificates for any domains nobody can excuse to not use HTTPs anymore.

Normal HTTP Traffic (without certificate) can be seen and read by anyone on the same Network. As well as any device your internet traffic is routed trough. SSL certificates make the communication secure between you and the server you are talking to. So usually between you (the browser) and the website you are accessing.

Because SSL really is the minimal standard these days we build our system in such a way that we can instantly issue certificates for newly added domains, as well as keeping them up to date by renewing the certificates all 90 days (as required by let’s encrypt).

SSL is enabled by default for anyone. There is generally no reason to disable it and therefore we also do not offer any option to do so.

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