Device Detection

Last updated: 7 months ago

You will be surprised how much information you can get out of a Browsers User Agent. At least we were. We are detecting a huge range of Devices, Browsers & Operating Systems. Going as far as detecting exact phone models as well as gaming consoles, car dashboard browsers, TVs, Cameras and even some internet ready Portable Media Players (Zune anyone?).

The detection is blazing fast and barely slows the process down for a few milliseconds. The software behind this magic gets regular updates with new and old devices even further improving the detection rate. Our custom middleware makes sure the information is parsed & presented in a way that makes sense.

User Agents are easily spoofed and you can safely assume that some of the data you’ll find is simply wrong for one reason or another. However the majority of users (real users) will use their real User Agent. And most bots (at least the nice ones) have a custom bot user agent to not get confused with some obscure browser or OS.

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