Geo Tracking

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We are using the Maxmind GeoIP database to classify IPs within our service. Maxmind is known to be the defacto industry standard when it comes to (mostly) accurate GeoIP data.

If you ever checked your IP with different IP to location services you surely noticed that there is a wide range of possible flags they get wrong. City data is often based on the ISP and not on the user, Long & Latitude rarely are remotely right and sometimes they even have the whole Country wrong. This is due a long history of different sized IPv4 blocks slowly being given out to anyone who asks. The use of IPv6 made this problem just even more complex and today only a few big players have databases that lead to proper results. This is why we have chosen Maxmind after extensive testing.

While there are online services that have slightly improved results compared to Maxmind. Using an API for Geo detection would lead to a huge bottleneck and scaling issue. We are ready to serve millions of concurrent clicks which would not be possible without a local database.

Note: We are currently using the LITE version of Maxmind GeoIP out of licensing reasons. While the accuracy is already great upgrading to the Pro version is on our Roadmap.

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